Golden during the War

On January 6th, 2013 Mario and Tim set out to take back Curt's and Golden's Opening Ceremony wool. They rushed across the Curtis Swamps and ran into Curts house and talked to him. After a few minutes Mario stole Curt's Wool off the wall and ran out and headed to Golden's Swamp House, which he hadn't seen at the time. They set out and was half way there. In panic Curt and Golden declared war on Tim and Mario and threatened to kill them. The whole server split into two sides, Curt's Rebellion and Tim's Empire . The two sides of the server were blocked off from each other, spiritully that is. Still in severe panic Golden brewed three invisibility potions and drank one and rushed out, to stop Tim and Mario. While walking through Curtis Swamps, which was the main land of Curt's Rebellion, Golden stumbled upon them, he started to attack and ended up killing them both. In major rage they both complained. After a meet up at Curt Rebellion's main base, Curt's House, Tim wrote a book that declared the War over and that if this was to ever happen again, than you will be kicked from the server.

Videos of TWIEdit

Below are all the recorded accounts of the Tundracraft War I.

The Contract AgreementEdit