SignFX's Current Skin

My Wub Skin

OfficerWub's "Wubbington" skin. Which he doesn't use a lot anymore.

OfficerWub, also known as signfx is one of the players on the TundraCraft server. He was one of the first few TundraCraft players including;  MarioXMan, Dr_Curtcraft, GoldenGuy444, Eclectrism, Deathslayer21, and UltPokemonFan. OfficerWub is consistent with his skin, he has only changed it once in the pasted 1 1/2 years! OfficerWub's house is in a forest biome North-East of Curts house, he is only about 700 blocks away. OfficerWub has plans in the future to move away from Curts house, but only about 500+ more blocks. OfficerWub has a buisness on the server. He creates books for the people to read, then puts them in a public library. He also is a landscaper/builder. He just recently got into building and managed to build a scale to scale replica of the Parthanon at his school, he only had 30 minutes! The more and more he uses redstone the more and more he becomes interested in it. Though at this time he is still fairly new. Even though has had Minecraft for almost two years now, he still doesn't know everything about it. OfficerWub is the owner of his own group called "The Wubs" or "Wubbingtons". He is currently working on an IRL book called "The Non-Official Minecraft Complete Guide" with another member from the Wubs. Unfortunatley, due to the other member's internet, the book may take a while to come out. OfficerWub's plans for the future is to make an enourmous wall around his jungle.


Below are the names of the episodes of SignFX's Tundracraft series!

Season 1Edit

1. Random Exploring (Airdate: January 12th, 2013)

2. ???? (Airdate: TBD)