[Former] Zach "Kola" MacColl A.K.A KolaDYT on TundraCraft is a 15 year old guy that suffers from Tourettes, ADHD, OCD and severe Anxiety. He is a fan of Sony and Nintendo, but plays Minecraft most of the time. Kola was the latest person to join TundraCraft and sucks at diamond mining. He was the latest member of Tundracraft (Joining about January 8th, 2013) and was the first person to leave on January 26th, 2013, he recorded nothing of Tundracraft while he was on the server.



What Kola might look like when you meet him.

On January 26th, 2013 Kola ran out of food, in a rage panic of dying he killed Mamaluigi71 and burnt down Mamaluigi71's, Deathslayer21's, Ultpokemonfan, Frosty, and His base and was shortly banned and removed by GoldenGuy444. The damage was really severe and caused a whole rule changed on the server.