Minecraft Tundracraft Grand opening!

Minecraft Tundracraft Grand opening!


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Frostyboys is one of the original members of Tundracraft. He goes by the names of Frostyboys, Eclecticism, or Electrotechmedia. He is the only person on the server to have mixed luck. Info below.

Youtube pageEdit

He started making videos around 2008, when he was 9. He later went on to make domino videos, then die-cast showcases, then stuck to Minecraft. He later mat Goldenguy444 in a livestream.


In the series, he is currently living in a village, and has reclaimed his wool.


His village later gets raided by mamaluigi and creepers. HE abandons it and the beautiful lava trees to goes to find shelter with jessie on a floating island. Kola later joins them and they have good times mining and building our home. He had to later abandon that after Kola burnt it down. He is now living on and island in the middle of nowhere

Season 1 episodes:Edit

0: Grand opening

1: A new home

2: Underground base

3: Red wool

4: Mo' Biomes

5: Roamin....Deserts

6: Mine central

7: more mining

8: Mineshafts

9: One pick to rule them all

10: Obsidion miners

11: The nether experiance

12: Curt's abode

13: Nether hub