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Dr_Curtcraft (Called Curt) is one of the original members of Tundracraft, along with GoldenGuy555 , Deathslayer21, Mamaluigi71, Ultpokemonfan, Frostyboys, and MarioXMan. He is one of the three people with the opening ceremony wool, which was the cut wool when the server first opened. He currently has one episode of Tundracraft uploaded on his channel

The creation of Curt's SwampEdit

During the first war on the server when MarioXMan and Signfx had stolen Curt's red wool from the opening ceremony Curt still had owner powers of the server so on that day Curt had declair his swamp independant from the server.( Meaning his swamp has its own rules and regulations) Golden has the ability to un-declair the independants as stated by Curt. Curt's Swamp is still independa
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Curt's Swamp