Story: The year is 2154. You used to be in the military. A few days before you woke up in the test lab you were fighting terrorists near the great city of "Tundra". After killing off the terrorists you move into what appeared to be a cave in the side of a hill. When you walked in, you were trapped. There was an iron door and on the opposite side there was a button. You pushed the button which revealed a secret room filled with zombies. The iron door opened. You ran as fast as you could but they eventually caught up to you. You woke up in a test lab a few days later. Over these few days many things happened. The world was overrun by the living dead, militias started to form, and government spaceships evacuated most people. Then, you wake up.

This map is currently being worked on by Lead Director OfficerWub, Co-Director MarioXMan, Story writer CurtCraft, and assistants Madspacechicken, TheBlueHornet, GoldenGuy444.